For our most frequently asked questions, please browse through our answers below. If you need more information feel free to contact us directly!

When are the apartments shown?

We do showings, by appointment, Monday – Friday from 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.  The hours are the same for lease signings as well.

Can I be put on a waiting list for an apartment to open up?

Nicolai Apartments™ does not have a waiting list.  We usually know about upcoming openings 30 day in advance.

Is there a fee to apply?  How soon will I know if I am approved?

No. There is not a fee to apply.  The application process takes up to a week, and we will notify you of a decision either way.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes.  The security deposit is the same amount as the rent.  The deposit must be paid in full at the lease signing.

What’s included in the rent?

Rent includes water, sewer, and garbage.  Our Calvert Road community also includes the internet.

What type of heat and air conditioning is there?

The heat is electric, and residents are responsible for the electric bill.  We provide a wall mounted air conditioner in all of our units.

How much is the electric bill?

The average electric bill for a 1 bedroom unit, on a 12 month lease, is about $50.00/month.  This amount will vary slightly per person, and will likely be higher in the summer & winter.

What’s the lease term?

Our communities have a 12 month lease requirement, with the exception of our Mormon Coulee Road location.  The Mormon Coulee Road community offers short term leasing.  Month to month leases are not offered.

What happens after the lease term is met?

The lease is automatically renewed on a month to month basis.

What type of notice is required for move out?

We require a 30 day written notice from residents planning to vacate.  Notice counts from the day we receive it at our office.  The notice can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or written in person.

Are pets accepted?

Nicolai Apartments™ has a no pet policy: pets are not accepted.  Pets will not be accepted for an extra fee or deposit.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Nicolai Apartments™ has a smoke free policy.  Smoking is not allowed in any of our communities or outside areas within 30 feet surrounding the buildings.

Are garages available?

Calvert Road is our only community that offers garages.  Garages rent for an additional $50.00/month.  All of our locations have spacious parking lots.

Does the apartment have laundry?

Yes. Our communities have coin-operated laundry facilities within each building.

How is maintenance handled?

Simply fill out the work order form online, send us an email, or give us a call with the concern.  We will then get your permission to enter if you will not be home, or we will set up a time for maintenance to come over.  Our best effort is made to handle repairs the same day.

Who shovels/plows?

Nicolai Apartments ™ takes care of all of the shoveling & plowing.  The parking lots and sidewalks are cleaned up after each snowfall.

What if there is an after hour emergency?

Please call the office (608-788-7962).  Our phone is transferred to a 24 hour answering service, which will contact us to get the issue resolved.

What county are the apartments in?

All of our communities are in the City of La Crosse, in La Crosse County.